Polyphasic Journal Day 26: (0/30)

I’m not sure what day I’m on now…if I count yesterday, this is day two. But I spent much of yesterday morning in bed, waking up every 10 minutes or so and then going back to sleep for 10 more.

Does that count as staying polyphasic? I’m not sure, but I think it doesn’t. If you have a short gap in between your naps, your body just registers it as one sleep.

So then I’m on day 0 again.


This is getting annoying.



I’ve decided that, if I haven’t made 7 days in a row by the end of the month, I will take a two week hiatus from work to get it under control. I will still write a few SEO articles a day and make my RS calls, but those will be secondary. The most important thing and the only thing I will use self control for will be becoming polyphasic.

If, after those two weeks, I am still not polyphasic, I will have to shelve this goal until my life gets a bit more stable.

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