Polyphasic Journal Day 7: (0/30)

Arggggg, I have succumb to sleep.


I spent most of yesterday sleeping, wondering why my alarm wasn’t enough to wake me up. (I later realized that the wakeup song on my sleep playlist had been deleted….it just put me to sleep and left me there xP)

That totally sucks because that means I really am back to square one in my REM sleep deprivation (which means I’ll have to start my adaptation from scratch and go through another 7 or so days of zombieness before I hit a flow that is even remotely ok)

Two AWESOME benefits that I did not loose are:

  • The ability to fall asleep within minutes. I’m a bit of a onset sleep insomniac (It takes me forever to fall asleep), so this is just awesome.
  • My sleep seems to last for hours. I always wake up feeling like I’ve slept a full night.

Right, so I’m back on the horse.


Carpe more Diem!

– Eddy

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