Sometimes I wonder, why push? Why fight to achieve?

This reality is pointless, with no rules outside of physics, and no impact on anything meaningful howsoever. So whats the point of doing shit that’s hard?

Don’t get me wrong, the complete alternative is crap too: to do nothing is just…gross.

But what about just floating through life without a big plan. Being guided by impulse and repelled by stagnation. Being completely un-attached to everything.

There is no need for me to get a job, or build a business, or any of that. There is a want, because I want all the fun things and freedoms that come with a few bucks in hand, but no need.

Should I so wish, I could simply spend the remainder of my life surfing couch to couch, getting a few bucks here and there at odd jobs, sleeping under stranger’s roofs, eating their food, shotgunning their cars. This is a completely viable life that requires no income, and it’s one I’d not be unhappy to live.

I think eventually, if I were to walk that path, I’d stumble across a plethora of random passions and some way to make cash off of them.

So, we’ve determined that cash is not necessary and life can be enjoyed without.

Therefore, to spend time on something un-enjoyable in the pursuit of cash seems like a horrible value:cost ratio. What could ever be worth wasted time?

What would I do all day if I didn’t have tasks. If I subjected myself to absolutely no pressure to do shit.

Probably make friends. Try stuff. Explore a lot. It would be an interesting time.

But it couldn’t measure up to seeing new cultures, making close friends with interesting people who see the world differently, and having enough dollar to explore and spend with relative abandon the countries I live in.

I want that.


So we now know a few things:

  1. My “Rock Bottom” is an enjoyable state of affairs.
  2. Therefore, I should never do something i don’t love to get cash.
  3. However, cash would enhance my life considerably.

Knowing those three things, my path becomes obvious. I must pursue the goal of making something I enjoy doing profitable.

I knew this already, but it’s good to go through a thought process and arrive at an affirmation that I’m walking the right path and need simply a few tweaks on course.

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