Project Daily Ritual Rebuild

When I was around 17 years old, I undertook a mission to adopt and ingrain specific daily rituals into my life.

There were two daily, and I managed to hold onto them at least to the point of doing them a times a week up until about 20.

Every morning I’d do yoga & exercise, plan my day, and remind myself of my life goals.

Then I hit a crash, and spent a few months doing nothing much at all. All my rituals fell away… and I’ve never been able to rebuild them since. Its been a goal every single year, and every single year I’ve failed. I had them back for a few months in the end of 2016, and saw my average daily score go up and stay up because of it… but lost them again in early 2017.

So, hopefully, that ends here. I am going to define my rituals, update this blog post with weekly observations and data, and not stop until I have done them both, fully, for 45 consecutive days.

The Rituals

Morning Ritual

Must involve physical exercise, grooming, planning, and learning.

Physical exercise default: Yoga via the Asana Rebel app

Grooming: Shower, teeth, deodorant, hair, etc.

Planning: Just plan what I want to do today. This is the only part of I’ve managed to rebuild so far from previous attempts.

Learning: Some unfocused learning about anything at all for at least half an hour

Nightly Ritual

Simple. Review my day (including what I learned that day), and give it a rating. The daily rating is also currently ongoing, under “Day Rating – Charts” here.

Weekly Ritual

Every Sunday I will review my week, share what I learned, plan the next week, and clear my inboxes as much as I can.

The Data

You will be able to see that data live under the “Rituals – Analysis” page here.


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