September Goals

It’s September and, as my friend Stepan said, I’m revving up. However, I’m also stressing out and rushing too much.


So the compromise is to follow Tim Ferriss’ 80/20 method and only work on the most important tasks.


OK, here’s the breakdown:


First area of goals is finance. Ultimately, I want to make $7000/month working less than 10hours/week. My uncle also challenged me to make $1000/month for three consecutive months through copywriting. The deadline for this is Jan 1st 2012.


This month’s finance tasks are simple:

  1. Make $500 through copywriting
  2. Launch my Experi-Mental blog (more on this soon)
  1. Get the SeductionToronto website ready for launch

Second area of goals is my love life. The final goal here is to always have a romantic relationship with at least one girl. Things are on the up and up, but still too slow. I plan to…

  1. Go out with the same girl three times (which will lead to something deeper than I’ve had so far this summer)
  2. Go on four dates total
  3. Plan milestones for and become a kissing pro (I’m buying a course for it)


Third area is my body and health. The main goal right now is to have visible abs. At the moment I am on Tim Ferriss’ slow carb diet for losing fat. The only goal I have for this month is:

  1. Stay on the slow carb diet until I can see my abdominal outline


There is also another goal. This one will have a huge impact on this month, and is loosely tied in with Experi-Mental. The goal. Live completely homeless for 7 days.

I will make some noise about this soon by gathering a crowd, contacting Neville (who has also done this), and posting the details. Stay tooned for that.








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