Sleep 2 hours a day (aka. get an extra 49 hours every week)

A month ago, I decided to start sleeping polyphasically. Instead of sleeping 9 hours a night like I usually do, the plan is to sleep 2 hours a day. Once my body adjusts, I’ll actually function better than I do on a 9 hour monophasic sleep schedule.

I tried a few different versions of this so far (SPAMAYL and then Everyman 2) and have failed twice. So I’m dialing back. If all goes well, I’ll be sleeping 3 hours a day on March 1st  and 2 on the 29th.

I’ll be slowly progressing up the polyphasic ladder. Starting with a week of Siesta (6.3 hours), then two weeks of Everyman 2 (5.2 hours), three weeks of Everyman 3 (4 hours), four weeks of Everyman 4 (2.8 hours), and finally transition into Uberman (2 hours) and stay there.

Scratch that xD. I’ve been advised/challenged by Tynan to leap straight into the uberman and just ride out the first week of zombie like sleep-deprived hallucinogenic hellfire.

So that’s what’s happening. NOW.


  • Different sleep schedule types here
  • SPAMAYL schedule here
  • My sleep schedule (mapped out on google calendar) here
  • Tynan, Maneesh, and Neetu’s hardcore attempts at immediately entering the UberMan (2 hours a day) here. Read the first few months.
  • My twitter feed on the mission to gain an extra 49 hours a week here (follow me and I’ll devote a polyphasic hour to loving you for it xD)
P.S. I am not allowed to even consider quitting or going easier until the end of March

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