Update: I gotta put my pride aside and publish that, I think I done goofed. 

While I didn’t agree with some of the transparency decision Julian and the team made, none of them were any sort of major transgression & I should have either followed the CEO’s rules or stopped working with them. To keep working with them and think that I could change Julian’s mind by action was a risk, and probably not one worth taking. 

C’est la vie. The 40x increase of worth of the Golem Network Token (and therefore Golem itself) lends an extra sting to my fuckup… though its a bit salved by the investment in GNT I made at the ICO. 

And hey, most of the best lessons are learned from experience.


TL;DR: I believe in transparent and open communication as a startup. Julian & the Golem team are more into moderation and controlling the message. I still hold a large portion of my net worth in GNT, I still think GNT is going to be a world-changing company, and I wish the team the best of luck. But know, if you are a Golem user, that you will have to look elsewhere than in the Golem-controlled channels to learn everything that is happening.


A few days ago the worth of 1 GNT (Golem Network Token) roughly doubled. Which peaked it at an aprox 460% increase since the ICO in November (yes, it was an ICO. They have to call it a crowdfunding event for legal purposes but when you sell coins for the first time, that the definition of an Initial Coin Offering. This is, however, my personal opinion and in no way the view of Golem Factory GmbH).

At the time, that made GNT about 29% of my total net worth.

I was quite excited.