The Entrepreneurial Mindset – A Breakdown

Last week, I went through an intensive Entrepreneurial Apprenticeship.

I worked daily with Michael, in a focused 7 day experiment where he taught me stuff like planning (OKR, SMART, 80/20), productivity challenges (doing a day’s work in 3.5 hours), the power of the question ‘Why?’, how to listen, how to choose and control your emotions, and a ton of other lessons.

Also, what to do when your rituals get removed and you’re feeling unbalanced. Who should you seek to emulate, and how much. The power of true friends, and their ability to make you solve your problems.

For the next few weeks, I’ll be fleshing out what I learned and passing it onto you. As a way to think it over and solidify it in my mind, and a way to help you do the same.
Here’s a few of what we’ll cover:

  • Planning Goals: how and how often
  • The Challenge: How raising the steaks can raise your game
  • Focus Challenges: how to condense a productive day into 3.5 hours
  • Rest: Why it’s important & how to do it
  • The Experimental Mentality: The Socratic Method approach to reality
  • Following Through: Why following through is almost always the right thing to do, and when is it not
  • Why?: The single most powerful question you can ask
  • Emotional Control: How to choose what you want to feel, why it’s so simple, and when to choose which emotions
  • Mentors: How to choose & mentor, and how much to emulate them
  • Listening: You cannot learn if you do not listen
  • Quadrant 2: If it’s urgent, you’re already too late
  • Losing Balance: How to change quickly
  • Begin with the End in Mind: Know where you’re going and how this gets you there

This may well become an ongoing series, and I’ll keep it updated.

Right, let’s learn to create shit.

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