The Love by MVP Experiment – Results

Love by MVPThe Hypothesis/Reason: 

A few months back, I realized that I was doing a horrendous job at interacting with women. So I broke it down to take a look at the cause.

Turns out, if you looked at it like a sales funnel (which it is), mine was utterly unplanned. So I took a MVP approach to it, and found out what would bring me the desired results with as little time and effort spent.

I predicted that the results would look like the funnel on the left (as opposed to my default funnel on the right).

The Plan:

It’s outlined here: The Love by MVP approach.


About 5 weeks later, I’d fallen in love with a girl who is still the best match for me I’ve yet met. 

The stats (here) are interesting. It turns out that my love funnel looks a lot like I predicted it would.

Love by MVP Experiment Results

Of all the girls who caught my attention (47), I found myself having sex with 4.26% of them.

There is a significant drop off between girls who caught my attention and those whose attention I caught. From there, about half of those girls were interesting and interested in me, and half of those were sexually interested.

Surprisingly, only half the girls with whom I had mutual sexual interest actually lead to sex. Though that’s not so surprising when you consider that I usually don’t have a home of my own.

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