The Regrets of a Dropout (and why you should drop out too)

That’s right, I said it. I regret dropping out of highschool and never going to university.

How do birds learn to fly? On the drop.

Not for the money…I’m already making more per hour than my credit manager mom, and travel hacking to spend nothing on food, transport, and lodgings as I travel North America.

Not for the education…The stuff I’m learning now is usually not taught in school, and when it is it’s made slooow, indirect, and boooring.

Not for the connections…I’m friends with a couple of millionaires, working along side famous entrepreneurs, and creating mutually beneficial friendships with all the people I can find who can and do change the world.

Not any of that.


What I regret is the social life I’m missing out on. All the guys my age, and the girls I’m into, live and spend their days at University.

Living on Rez with my friend for a week changed me. Everyone understands where your at in your life (or at least a lot more people do xP), no one is afraid of speaking their mind, having sex for fun, falling in love without worry, dreaming HUGE, or experimenting and discovering new stuff.

A huge amount of the people there were there because they didn’t have the balls to defy their friends/family, or they couldn’t think of anything better to do. Not to learn craploads of usable knowledge to help them attain a specific goal in life.

Just to fill in a time gap.


And, just to put your HUGE dreams into perspective, 4 out of 5 of the richest people in the USA are DROPOUTS. (check out this short list)


If your not 100% certain that university is for you, take a year off school and boring work. You don’t even need a specific plan for your year…you’ll figure it out after the first few months of doing nothing start to become less amazing and more hated.

You will NEED to do something, and without university serving as a filler for that need, you will turn your attention to the things that light you on fire. The things that make you passionate, jack up your heart rate just talking about, and make your life worth living.

Travel the world, intern (for pay!) under a millionaire entrepreneurmaster the art of romance, write for money.

And give me a shout if you decide on (or are even think about) skipping the ordinary life to do something extraordinary…I’ll devote every fiber of my being to helping you get there.

Remember, there is no age limit to university…there is NO downside to taking a year off to see if you can live the dream (and a whole lotta upsides)


Carpe Diem! Tomorrow never comes.

– Eddy


P.S. More on this in my earlier (much earlier) post on Why Dropouts Make More Money Than Grads

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