The 100 Pushup Challenge

EDIT: I’ve learned a powerful lesson due to this challenge. When I told Stepan about it, we turned it into a competition. Having someone at my skill level to compete against really pushed me to it, and I’m not sure if I would have made it to 100 if I didn’t have that.

Lesson of this post: Whenever you have a goal, turn it into a challenge against a like-minded friend. This will inspire you, scare you, and force you into chasing success with everything you’ve got. 

Challenge no.1 at The Impossible League: Do 100 pushups.

First Attempt on Oct 19 2011: 57 Pushups xP

I’ll do it again next week and aim for 75. Stay tuned for hyper masculine displays of strength (and silk Sponge Bob boxers xD)

UPDATE: October 24th (5 days later)

Now it’s your turn. Grab a camera, record your pushups, and share it with me and the impossible league!

Let me know your progress in the comments!


– Eddy

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