Thoughts on the Pixilization of Relationships

In reply to this video….

Problem = wrong use of right tool.

It’s like if you were trying to actually play fruit ninja with a real samurai sword. You’d probably miss most fruit and possibly draw blood. Brice Lee would make the leader boards, though. He knows how to use that tool.

Pixels aren’t warm. You can’t high five them, kiss them, or smell them. They’re not people.

They’re an excellent way to meet people you can do those things with, though.

They’re also an excellent way to feel social validation and involvement, while missing that necessary exchange of pheromones and facial expressions and body temperature.

Those who use technology to pixilize their social lives are incorrectly matching technology with their biology. So it screws up and creates a hole instead of an ideal.

You only get aprox 150 people to care about (or even think about). So it’s a very limited resource. Who are you going to care about?

The key is realizing that, if every moment you spend on social media is not contributing in some way to enjoyment with a real person in real time, there’s a very good chance it’s deducting from it (as you’re spending time there and not IRL & AFK).

And realizing that, while you can have 5000 facebook friends and 10000 twitter followers…you’re only going to really know 6 , have an active relationship with 50, and be aware of 150 people at any given time. Choose wisely. And without compromise.

And when you wanna hug them, don’t you dare send an emot. Send directions.

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