What did I learn this week? (Feb 17 – Feb 23)

Loooong board

  • I learned that, past a certain point, it is beneficial to be physically aggressive. When negotaition is over and you are in a fight (or if the alternative to a fight is a failure of your philosophical code), then it is time to fight.
  • Desiring an outcome to the oblivion of you ability to notice the moment and all that it contains, and to use and enjoy it, not only destroys the enjoyment of the moment but also the attainment of the goal. Desperation is a destructive force, internally and externally.
  • patience can be a virtue when combined with action, determination, inspiration, and enjoyment of the process. In fact, in it’s absence, the result can be desperation.
  • How you percieve and think determines a considerable amount of what reality is and becomes.
  • Actions taken to avoid discomfort are never the best actions to take. Neither are the ones taken to avoid (most) fears. Neither are the ones taken in desperate pursuit of an outcome.
  • Worry is not a useful emotion ever.
  • Whenever you feel a negative emotion, take a minute to analyze it and see if you can understand it. If it doesn’t ease off, just feel the emotion without pushing it away.
  • We may be in a simulation. Or a dream. Eitherway, it’s enjoyable to live off the assumption that I control this reality
  • I have been hiding a part of myself from others. The part of me that is scared and unsure and lonely and angry and other emotions that I percieve as negative.
  • On that note, I have forgotten (or, rather, did not notice that I did not apply) myphilosophy that the only negative emotion is boredom. These emotions are positive because they are enjoyable and alive
  • Therefore, I wish to share all of my emotions, without prejudice, with a all those who I feel will understand and be able to feel with me.
  • I fall in love, or perhaps in interest, very very quickly.
  • When I meet a irl who is amaizng an sexy and philosophically powerful, my desire and interest easily overtake my fear.

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