What Do You Say To People 50,000 Years From Now

Submitted to be on the KEO time capsule. Not sure if it’ll ever launch. But if it does, here’s my message to humanity in 50,000 years.


I See

What does one say to those that will never respond? That, perhaps, do not exist?

How can a young person, so near to the birth of the internet, and so the birth of the potential for man to record almost every moment, tell you something you do no already know about the world I live in or the philosophy I have learned?

Perhaps you know the history…so then the best thing I can give you is the deepest of my philosophy.

Well, here it is: So far as we know, life has no inherent meaning. There is no purpose, no goal, no right & wrong, no reward or punishment.

The truth is…we do not and, so far, cannot know if there is something or nothing after life. Or if life has a purpose.

Knowing this, that life is inherently purposeless (or at least that this assumption cannot be disproved), what do we do.

Well, I say that we create our own purpose. We look to books and mentors and blogs and teachings and fashion for ourselves an ideal utopia in our minds. The existence we, each individually, would like to inhabit.

Then…then we we live by the tenets of that assistance and seek to bring reality closer to it.


Personally, I chose enjoyment. That is my ideal; enjoyment is the most important thing that exists.

What is enjoyment exactly. Well, as I define it, enjoyment is being 100% in this moment, and knowing that the next will be excellent. Enjoyment is always having enough and always wanting more. Enjoyment is going to bed at the end of the day exhausted and proud and with new memories, looking forward to the dawn and another story to live.

Enjoyment is that feeling of knowing that what you are doing right now is what you will most enjoy in the moment and in 100 years. It is living by the desires of your projected future self, and the best of your present self, right now.

Enjoyment is taking pleasure in this life, assuming that, when it is gone, all is gone. The color orange, nervous butterflies, annoyance at an asshole, the feeling of a deep kiss, bodies crushing up against each other as if to absorb the other.

We only have everything for a while. Then, we might have nothing.

So enjoy everything.

At least, that’s my ideal.

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