Mum's Basement Hustle

What I Learned These Past 2 Weeks [May 11 – May 24]

Mum's Basement Hustle

  1. Asha is more mature than I.
  2. The truth sets you free. When you know sometihng is wrong, and you truthfully figure out what it is, it will be better.
  3. While one should strive to understand everything, one should not structure and SOP everything. Some things, like passionate love making, are killed by structure.
  4. While staying in touch with reality, always assume the best and act accordingly. Remember that, no matter what you assume, as long as it’s based on objective evidence, you’re equally likely to be wrong as any other assumption. However, if you assume the best, you are most likely of all scenarios to actually achieve the best.
  5. While remembering the first, always know & plan for the worst.
  6. Sexually, don’t always grab. Flirting & chasing & teasing is fun!
  7. Always striving to impress each other, dress up for each other, surprise each other. This is a cornerstone to an amazing relationship.
  8. When someone earns your trust, and asks for it, give it to them.
  9. When stressfull things are happening, strive to stay even and calm. Deal with what is.
  10. If you are frusturated, do not take it out on others
  11. Focused meditation, where you do not explore your body & emotions nor calmly think through problems, is extremely difficult. Your mind will wander to the most unrelated places in literally the space of two breaths.
  12. Never accept free drinks from the bartender/owner unless you are prepared to pay for them. You probably will.
  13. Being a creative, fast moving, calm, optimal version of myself is just as hard/easy as being a lazy, tired, stressed, basic version of myself. The difference is that being optimal is hard in terms of having the willpower and energy and sangfroid to power through the hard parts with calm enjoyment. It is easy in terms of enjoying my life and loving what I do and who I am. Being basic is easy in terms of not having to try hard to do anything. It is hard in terms of disliking my life and who I am and being very restricted by my failure to create.
  14. People can forget the importance of not editing my copy. I have to immediately remind them when this happens. Nip it in the bud.
  15. When Asha and I are highly emotional in a fight, we need time to cool down.
  16. I LOVE google analytics. It’s so fucking powerful.
  17. Resepct other’s privacy, even if you don’t have much of your own.
  18. The Don’t Break The Chain method is extremely powerful in the face of rationalization.
  19. Willpower goes down as sleep debt goes up.
  20. I can do great work even when sleep deprived. In fact, I have a theory it helps with certain types of work. I should do a Sleep Deprivation Productivity Experiment.
  21. Elon Musk is probably the most impressive human I’ve ever heard of.

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