What I Learned This Week (Dec 7 – 13, 2015)

  • I REALLY haven’t been learning from my past mistakes, entrepreneurially. I’m still working with people I don’t admire, I’m still taking on small-pay jobs, and I’m neither rapidly growing my skills or trying to put myself into a position where I can. Enough of that, it’s time to go big or go home and only take on contracts that scare everloving crap out of me.
  • As usual, tasks are 1/5 as hard and 500x as enjoyable once you’ve started them. This is especially true for stuff you’ve never/rarely done before.
  • I love Asha, and she loves me. So much so that I am 95% sure I will still be married to her and in love with her and doing odd and exciting things with her when I am 200 years old. To my amazement, we are continually becoming better and better partners. Challenging and overcoming our fears, allowing eachother to grow, taking loving care of each other when we are down (she is much better at this than I), serving as a major source of each other’s motivation & self-improvement drive. I have the ideal relationship. I am so proud, and I am so lucky.
  • Polyamory is HARD. God damn.

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