What I Learned This Week (Nov 30 – Dec 6)


  • Pole dancing is surprisingly difficult. It requires technique, upper body strength, and some pretty serious pain tolerance (the friction is intense).
  • Usually, when you fear taking an action, a quick look at it reveals that there is actually nothing to lose. Write and publish a blog post? The only thing worse than publishing shitty posts is not publishing posts. Approach someone sexy? Right now, you’re doing 0 enjoyable things with that sexy person; Approaching them could equal at least 1, and getting shut down usually feels better than not trying.
  • Asha is doing her best in our relationship, and that deserves nothing but love and appreciation. I must simply guide us to make sure that we respect each other and support each other without making each other feel restricted.
  • Artsakh is a country that isn’t recognized by the UN. Gregory has been there. That’s cool.
  • People, in general, are kinda disappointing. There are very few heroes.
  • I admire Asha for her ability to, without fear, directly challenge and criticize authority.
  • Remember stoicism when you get attached to an idea.
  • I learned that turning off the hibernate function on a Windows OS can free up a lot of space
  • I learned that, when I need my time to cool down, I should tell Asha directly.
  • I shouldn’t try to show Asha that I’m her strong man by showing that I’m stronger than her. Just that I’m strong.
  • Doing something physical and thinking is a great way to handle any emotional problem.
  • I can easily change my mindset into one that is unstressed, well-designed, and appreciative of a quality outlook

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