What I Learned This Week (Oct 27 – Nov 02, 2013)

What major lesson(s) did I learn this week?

  •  In most of life, do not waste time considering your options. Do not pursue the cute girl because cute, nor pursue business because money, nor snorkling because you feel like it’s expected of you. Instead, listen. Listen to your thought & feelings, and listen to the actions and reactions going on around you. And choose. Instinctively. Follow your first and most enjoyable instinct.
  • Quantifyable and chartable results are awesome. If you can convey a thought in no more than a glance, you are successful.
  • If you play your A game and be your highest self, you attract abundance. Be awesome, all the time, and everything else seems to take care of itself.
  • I like looking sexy. Especially when I know that I look sexy as an unintended side effect of living a good lifestyle.
  • Listen to your body. Feeling tired? Sleep. Drained? Take a ‘vacation’. Uneasy? Stop avoiding whatever you’re avoiding. Roll with your cycles.
  • I’m carrying to much bullshit in my bag. Extra keys, phone, cologne. Too much heavy shit.
  • Weed accentuates me
  • Go with the flow, and know that wahtever happens will be something you enjoy…and then it’s true.
  • Waking up early is better. Getting into the hustle zone is KEY! Its pure enjoyment in creation.


Photo is sunset at 66 Beach in Kuta, Bali.


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