What major lesson(s) did I learn this week (January 10th – January 18th)

2nd photo shoot with Moshi

Woah…that’s a lot of good stuff.

  • Wandering, in no rush and enjoying the steps, is great fun and philosophically pleasing. I think I understand, a bit, why Steve Jobs took so many walks.
  • High quality things are great catalysts to creating high quality experiences. I mean quality in the sense that the maker really cared about and enjoyed his creation, and the purchaser really cared about and enjoyed his creation too.
  • Obsession is a good thing. In fact, if you want to become truly amazing at something, obsession is a necessity.
  • I am obsessed with great writing.
  • Girls like being playfully sexual and teasing. They like flirting. They like kissing and sex and being craved. Fucking duh, right?
  • On that note, I LOVE girls. And flirting. And just being slightly odd and qwerky and story-worthy.
  • Doing the above in person is significantly scarier, more thrilling, more enjoyable, and more rewarding than doing it online. Online is fun, but only a good idea if you can do it in real life too. Otherwise you’re just afraid.
  • A great way to raise confidence is to simply go do something scary. Climbing. Chatting up cute café girl. Etc.
  • I LOVE working with people who respect my skills and consult me when they think about editing my work. I will seek these people out (like Lorenzo), build as much awesome stuff as I can together with them, and start removing from my life those that fuck with my work without consulting me.
  • If you know, and stick to, your priorities, you will get the most enjoyment and success out of each day. Each hour. So long as you are working on the most impactful, important, and enjoyable thing you could be working on right now.
  • When feeling mentally lost, stagnant, procrastinat-y, overwhelmed: do a pomodaro. Just on 50 minute session focusing on one important thing.
  • My fathers death is a lot like the scar on my knee. It hurt a lot when it happened, I learned a ton, and it changed me (the knee not so much, but my dad yeah). At the same time, it’s no longer a wound. There is no pain. The mark is there, and I notice it…but it’s not a negative. I’ve known this for quite a while, but never put it into words before.
  • Meeting someone who has something in common with you, who understands something you went through that almost no one else understands, is an amazing experience.
  • Listening, really listening, without thinking of what you’re going to say next or having your mind drift, is often as or more rewarding than talking.
  • When you have a big looming deadline with consequences, you move a LOT faster. I mean A LOT FUCKING FASTER. I need to start giving myself rewards, punishments, and tight deadlines.
  • There is a differene between a well made coffee type and well brewed coffee beans. When you brew the right beans the right way, you probably want to drink that coffee black, since that’ll let you taste the beans.
  • I really enjoy editing writing for style. It’s easy and fun.
  • Even when it’s solo, adventuring is fun. Solo has it’s own self-absorbing magic.
  • The amount of confidence you get from knowing that people pay you because you look sexy is a lot.
  • I love being geared up with the best minimalistic gear that solves or pre-solves every problem. Like having a laptop that can charge my phone on the go…excellent. A bag and shell that are 100% rain proof…booyeah. A sarong that serves as sleep mask, blanket, and scarf…nice. Cloths that are anti-stink, look sexy as all hell, manage cold and hot wondefully, are quick-drying & wet resistant, and are durable…yes!
  • I like awesome people. I fucking love them. Hanging with guys like Lorenzo while we create awesome shit, Chris while we drink good micro-beers and trade stories, Tiffany while we just enjoy eachother’s awesomeness and closeness…this is just my favorite fucking thing to do.
  • As usual, awesome people associate with awesome people. We’re rare, yet we group together in packs.
  • I’m sexy. Like, physically so xD
  • Formidable. That’s a powerful concept. According to Paul Graham, “Formidable is close to confident, except that someone could be confident and mistaken. Formidable is roughly justifiably confident.”.
  • I like to be formidable. To be the guy who, in between model shooting and camera work, is typing away at his laptop to publish a new review and product on his store. Who is reading on the bus and listening to philosophy while walking. Who is always fully engaged in something enjoyable.
  • People who are really rich and got that way via mutual benefit…these people are exceptional. Yet they’re exceptional in the same way I, Tiff, Ze’ev, Tomer are exceptional. Their riches came from their being awesome people, not vice versa. And they, like all awesome people, want to hang out with awesome people. Regardless of financial status.
  • Cool kids, kids raised in an exceptional way, are…just amazing. They’re wise, and you can talk to them and learn a lot. They’re…equals. They know less stuff overall, due to timing, yet have the same fire and wonder as all legendary people. And that is the most important and enjoyable part, regardless of age and knowledge.
  • Coffee, drunk late at night, will keep you awake till 530.


Photo is my (second ever) modeling gig with Moshi. Who, by the way, make a sweet iPhone case that they’ll be launching in a few weeks.

P.S. According to my Quantified Days tracking, this has been the best week I’ve ever had in the 32 weeks since I began tracking. A score of 25.5/35 (highest I’ve ever scored, though I’ve scored this high a few times before), and an 77.72% OKR achievement (right in the ideal range between 70%-80%). This feels good.

Almost Ideal!

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