What major lesson(s) did I learn this week (January 19th – January 26th)?

  • People value time and effort. Much more than money. To be a good leader and friend, one must gives time and effort
  • Tim Ferriss’ advice on setting real stakes, WORKS. My stakes, from now on: I don’t get to go to sleep until the day’s star task is complete.
  • I think, maybe, I may have found another true friend. Someone I’ll know well 10 years from now.
  • I failed Stepan, but first not jumping in when it was obvious something was going wrong, and second by not holding up his name when Lorenzo was questioning it. Always help friends in need, always know what’s going on with my projects, and always uphold a friend’s name when you believe it is being wrongly tarnished. Sorry Stepan.
  • Being straight up honest, not putting up with bullshit, and being real is powerful. People notice it, are shocked out of their habits by it, and are thankful for it. It will attract cool people.
  • Being real seems to be both the easiest and the most enjoyable (for everyone, I think) thing to do.
  • Know what actually matters. Be aware of what is worth caring about, and what is simply not a big deal (despite what other’s may say/think).
  • On that note, know who actually matters. What some people think does matter. Pick these people carefully.
  • There is very very little chance of getting a negative result from approaching any cute girl anywhere.
    Even, as I just did, running up to her, in an intercepting from-behind way, waiting for her to catch up to me, in the middle of the night, when we’re alone on the street, in Asia, after not saying anything to her even though I’ve been looking at her (and she’s noticed) for like 8 minutes since we got off the subway…AND she doesn’t speak any English.
    Yet I manage to communicate, after multiple attempts, that I think she’s cute. I get her to laugh. She gives me her facebook info (even taking back my notebook to add in her chinese name in case I couldn’t find her by her English name alone). And we hugged. Very small risk. Potentially huge reward. Take that risk.
  • I (everyone, actually) look significantly, shockingly, sexier when confident formidable. If you are formidable, and you have the advantage of being attractive, you have a HUGE bonus in your life if you’ve got the hustle to leverage it.
  • Pushing yourself and achieving a goal feels great.
  • Never give up on a goal when the reward & it’s ratio outweights the risk and it’s ratio. For example, I was sure that I was going to miss the subway on monday. There was a 90% chance that if I ran to the subway, I would miss it, wind up paying 15NTD for entrance to the metro, and then have to walk or buy a taxi to get home. But, if I didn’t sprint, that was 100%. So I pushed for the 10%..and I won.
    So: Take the risks, and you’ll get the payoffs. If you fail, find an alternate method and try again.
  • There is magic. For example, Snap Judgement…that is a story that is literally woven or painted before your eyes…via audio. That is what the ancient shamans used to to. And it feels magical when someone is casting that upon you.
  • Weed is my medicine. It reminds me of who the ideal me is, and it centers me.
  • I really am a traveller, in all aspects of the word. I’m always ready to let go.
  • I am heavily reliant on access to wifi. It’s a rocket pack…and without it, I feel slow. Slowww.
  • Sometimes the fire runs low on fuel. That said, the fire is best fueled by enjoyment, not stagnation. By reading, learning, exploring…by doing something equally as engaging but using different parts of myself than what I normally. To sum that up, rest does not mean stagnation. Rest means resting those parts of myself that are exausted, and pursuing another of my five life pillars
  • Waking up early really is more enjoyable than not. A sacred schedule is a powerful thing
  • When you start the day disorganized, you now have inertia you must break through in order to have an excellent day

Note: I’m not proud of being a model. I’m excited I’m a model. It’s an awesome adventure. But I’m not proud, because I didn’t really do anything that most people can’t do. I just got lucky because of good genes. I’m not unproud of it…I just know that I didn’t do anything extraordinary.

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